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I had intended to launch the Chautauqua sooner, but I made the classic blunder:  a new device.  Reading Zen & the Art on my cell phone was hurting my eyes, so I purchased an Amazon Kindle.  Going way back to … Continue reading

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Just My Type(writer)

Have you ever considered the importance of design in our lives?  I ask this because I was idly musing about things yesterday when it struck me just how important design was. Consider the netbook computer I’m using to write this … Continue reading

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Cell Phones and the Joy of Monotasking

I bought my first computer in 1984, which makes me a veteran of around 28 years of personal computing.  My very first machine (A Kaypro II) had a single 9″ CRT screen, green on black characters, and that was all.  … Continue reading

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