That’s how old I am today.  I’m afraid I can’t find much interesting to say about that number–no good songs seem to include it.  What I did find out:

  • 62 is the only number whose cube (238328) consists of 3 digits each occurring 2 times.
  • The great rhombicosidodecahedron (see below) has 62 sides.
  • Louis Pasteur developed the first rabies vaccination at age 62.

(All of these I learned here.)

This is a great rhombicosidodecaherdron, for your entertainment:


The only one of these things that I find truly fascinating is the notation about Louis Pasteur.  You may know him as the man who makes milk safe to drink; but when I was a child, one of the books that my brother and I shared was titled Great Men of Science (it may have been this one).

One of the chapters in that book that most struck me was the story of Pasteur as a boy, witnessing the attack of a mad (rabid) dog, and the subsequent sufferings of the infected.  He grew into the scientist who tested vaccines on himself and eventually came up with the cure for rabies.

If you read the Wikipedia entry, Pasteur does not come as well, does not come off in quite the same way, but my brother and I were given every encouragement to practice and revere science through books like Great Men. And we did.  Today, my brother is an anesthesiologist, and I, a reformed social scientist, still teach the underlying principles.

And we both still revere science.

And that is one of the reasons why, 62 years old now, I refuse to believe that the world is ending.  I think that Great Men and Great Women of Science will find a solution to COVID-19.  It will take time, but there will be a solution found by them.

And who knows?  One of them might even be my age:  LXII.

But at the same time, look at what COVID-19 hath wrought.  Look at the sky, breath the air, listen to the quiet.  This is the quietest birthday ever I have had, and that’s not entirely a bad thing.

62.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s just a start.


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2 Responses to LXII

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Congratulations all the same. I’d have a martini in your honor, except that it’s Great Lent, which our household is observing by abstaining (a nod to our Greek Orthodox friends), and besides, I’m assuming you wouldn’t touch one anyway. How about a hot chocolate with lotsa whipped cream?
    Stay well. You just might have some of your best years ahead. Cheers!

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