No Particular Place To Go


Please take a look at my bike.  Notice that it is equipped.  It has fenders.  It has a headlight and a taillight.  In addition to the perpetual spare tube and tool kit under the seat, it is equipped with panniers and a handlebar bag (which I messily failed to close before taking this photo).

This is a bicycle that is intended to go somewhere.  It might be an overnight trip, it might be just a jaunt to the store for a sack of flour.  Today, there was nowhere particular to go.

With the rise of the corona virus, almost everything in my part of Connecticut is closed.  If you want coffee, you need to call ahead and pay by credit card.  I could go to a grocery store, but I did that the past few days (and I actually now have some flour–made some good cookies the other night).

But today, mid-March with temperatures in the mid-50s (F) it was too nice not to go outside…and there was no place to go.  A week or so ago, I might have ridden my bike to Legal Grounds, my favorite local coffee spot.  I would have sat curled up with a book.

But a week ago, I would not have had the afternoon off.  I would have been up to my elbows in preparing for next week’s cases–which are, by the way, no longer next week’s cases.  In addition to coffee shops, the schools are closed.  The universities are closed.  The churches are closed.  The courts are closed.

So I’m riding around/with no particular place to go.

This is hardly the worst part of the virus situation.  But for me, it’s an indicator.  Life has changed and it’s probably never going to be again quite what it was.


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