I was thinking this morning that I’ve mentioned Richard Thompson quite a few times. See, for example, this post and this post.

This morning, listening to some of the material that was on the first album of his I ever heard, back in 1980 or so, I realized that this was my soundtrack in many respects.

What’s a soundtrack?

It’s the sound that you hear throughout your life.  Just like people in films have background music or, in some cases, themes (think Darth Vader), we all have accompanying music.  Some of mine comes from Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead…

But most of it comes from Richard Thompson.  This album is what I hear in my head.

Who provides your soundtrack?



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2 Responses to Soundtrack

  1. mike w. says:

    Never was a fan of Dylan, nor listened to much of the Grateful Dead (although i do enjoy much of their music.) Phil Ochs, Joni, & Jimi. The earlier Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd (with Syd),The Who, & Jefferson Airplane (generally any of these bands’ first three or four albums) figured in as well as a healthy dose of Krautrock, electronica, and Euro prog… and just about whatever “weird” stuff was playing on the free-form & “underground” stations of the time- which drove friends and family nuts.
    In more recent times a fair bit of Mr. Thompson & They Might be Giants.

    • You, sir, have excellent taste.

      I think my first listening to Dylan came out of his protest roots; it was only later that I learned to appreciate his music for what it was. But Thompson, from the first time I heard this album, simply transfixed me.

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