Big X10

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a Luddite.  Not in the sense that I hate technology, because I don’t.  But I’ve realized that there are some things that I do that indicate that my relationship with technology is complex.

The thing that got me thinking about this the other day was my camera.  I am aware that the best camera is the one you have with me, and I always have my phone with me.  But for me the real best camera is not a phone but a camera.  The phone in the photo above (which was taken, incidentally, with my iPhone.  A camera gives you control over things that a phone doesn’t.  It has physical interface elements.  If you’re lucky, it has a visual viewfinder, like the Fujufilm X10.

Another thing I’ve started doing lately is using a paper calendar (Moleskine) instead of–or more properly, in addition to–Microsoft Outlook.  Why?  I don’t know.  I like being able to see the week, and I like not having to grab for the phone and page through screens, or not having to boot up my computer.  It’s still a little awkward, because I’m half of one and half of the other…but I’m getting there.

Maybe one of the reasons I use a paper calendar is because I also use a fountain pen.  I’ve written about it here.  Actually, I use a bunch of fountain pens.  I like the feeling of a nib moving over good paper, and I like the smell of ink.  I abhor ballpoints, felt tip pens, and roller balls.

I ride a bike.  A lot.  And that bike has friction downtube shifters.  It’s been quite some time since these were in fashion.  But that’s OK.  They don’t click into place, and they don’t fit inside the brake levers at my fingertips.  I have to reach down to shift, and I need to listen to the gears changing.  It takes a touch–a little more work.  But on the other hand, I never need to adjust the shifter indexing.

I seem to like shifters like this, because I also have a stick shift in my car.  Apparently about 3% of cars sold in America have stick shifts.  It makes driving more fun, and it saves a little bit of gas.

It’s not that I hate tech.  I do own an iPhone that I use  (a lot) and I am typing this on a Lenovo ThinkPad.  I do like indoor plumbing.

Oh, and I don’t use a Keurig.

See?  Luddite.


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