Odd Mood

OK, so when am I ever in an even mood?

Some things have happened in the last few days of April.

Last Saturday, I took my longest ride of the year so far:  a total of about 28 miles (rather sad, really).  I was a ride marshal on the 20-mile version of the annual Rock to Rock ride in New Haven.  I rained heavily the day and night before, and didn’t clear until about 6:00 AM.  Then it cleared fairly nicely until about 1:30 PM.  Perfect for a bunch of rides kicking off, but it made me glad I had fenders.  This photo will give you an idea of just how wet the roads were:


I ended up assisting a rider who was on a city rental bike.  She had to walk up the first big hill, but she made it, and she didn’t walk after that.  Impressive.  Before the ride I also helped with a couple of folks who had things like tires inflated to 20 psi, brakes that rubbed on tires…that sort of thing.

Anyway, so I did that on Saturday.  Sunday I graded papers, and then T talked to her mom, who in March celebrated her 90th and has been increasingly frail.

On Monday afternoon, her mom died.

As you will recall, faithful (or faithless, as the case may be) leader, my mom and dad passed away a few years ago.  Hard to believe it’s been over two years since my parents were alive.  T’s father died about 14 or 15 years ago.  So her mom was the last person standing, and it hit me harder, in some ways, than my parents’ deaths.

I guess that’s because it’s a milestone for me.  Her death represented the end of a generation.  T and I are now the roots of our family tree, and the clock is running.

T heads out to Utah tomorrow for the funeral; fortunately, the kids held a 90th birthday party for her mom in early March, so T had a chance to say goodbye, and her talk with her mom on Sunday was good; it had (to me) the feeling of releasing mom.

But it’s going to be hard for the next little while.

How strange, to be orphans together.



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