A small spew…

So many things floating around my mind right now.  I guess in some ways I’m in the process of finishing business.  I spoke with L online for a couple of hours recently.  I hadn’t seen her in almost 40 years, but I felt compelled to apologize for being what I consider to be a jerk to her, back when we were young.  I told her the story—more meaningful to me than to her—of the time she yelled at me when something went wrong on her bike and I went to fix it.  She said she needed to fix it.  I’ve used that story for years to talk about the importance of independence.  She said it sounded like the sort of thing she’d have yelled.

Money is short at the moment, so we’ve been on a straitened budget the past few months.  That led me to do some looking into my business finances, only for me to realize that I really, really, really need to do a better job of record-keeping.  Resolved and begun.

A friend of mine on a social media board (a small group thing, not Facebook) asked a question about building a brand for themselves.  It got me to thinking about my own brand.  What am I?  What do I stand for?  Why do I do the things I do?

T and I are empty-nesters now, with our youngest at college.  The college in question is only about five miles from our house, but when I moved out of my parents’ home, I lived only ten miles away.  Being empty-nesters is interesting.  The house is quiet.  We spend time together in the kitchen.  We can have comparatively loud sex, and whenever we want to, rather than late at night.  We have little trash and almost no recycling to take out on Sunday nights.

We watch what we want to on television (OK, on the internet).  Except for a couple of trips each week involving getting I to therapy, our time is our own.

I watched Michael Cohen’s testimony last week; it felt, weirdly, like I was back in the St. Paul suburbs watching the Watergate hearings with my dad.  He’s been gone just two years and two days now, but it seems like forever.  During the hearings, we would watch testimony until things shut down, and then we’d watch Sesame Street.  Though Dad and I grew apart for a time not long after that, I feel like we bonded over those hearings.

Other stuff going on…dunno.  Not much.  And yet the world feels like it’s swirling around.  I guess that kind of thing happens when you get old.

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