Buy, Buy Love

This is mostly about me, but I suspect it’s an affliction I share.

I like to buy things.

A new phone?  Sure.  A new computer?  Sure.  A new bag?  Sure.  A new Shirt?  Sure.  And so on and on.

I remember when politicians used to refer to the American Citizen.  But about 15-20 years ago I started to notice that we had become American Consumers.

I hope this doesn’t describe you.  I am trying to make it not describe me.

But the media in which we stew these days are way more effective than TV advertisements of days gone by…  Now there’s Amazon and Alibaba.  If I notice something that I have isn’t just right, I can almost always find something better.  Just a few clicks.

Sometimes that’s a really good thing.  But often, it isn’t.

There’s no good reason for buying a stairway to heaven.


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