Darkness, Rain, Spider

Saturday evening, I went to Lyric Hall Bike Night.  It was largely a show of funnybikes–bikes built out of bits and pieces of other bikes and other things.  All were functional, including a rather nice reel lawnmower bike built on a Schwinn “chopper” frame.

Not too many folks showed up, which was too bad.  Most of those who did were more “artsy” than “bikey.”  Which was also too bad, since there was some cool stuff.  I only grabbed one photo–this rather cool spider:


But that’s not what I’m writing about.  While I was at the show, it started to rain.  Lightly at first, so I went out and put a bag on my saddle, then heavier.  A lot heavier.  So, around 8:30 or so, I left.  I had about five miles to get home, the first on roads, so I lit up my bike and rolled out.

This was another one of those times I appreciated my dynohub.  I know, from personal testing, that most generator systems won’t slip in the rain, but the dynohub is psychologically reassuring.  I had no trouble with cars, and once I hit the paved trail, all was well.  With my light bouncing off the raindrops, it felt like I was running Warp Factor 7.  It was actually odd to get under some heavy trees and notice that the path was actually dry!

Anyway, the combination of rain and darkness made for fun riding.  I think my dynohub, lights, and (perhaps especially) my fenders made the ride even more fun that a bright, sunny day would have.


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