Business and Pleasure


I had a couple of errands to do today, neither of which required that I dress like an attorney. So I didn’t. The weather forecast was also was for just above freezing and not raining, so I decided that that constituted bike weather.

So I rode into [town redacted] and met with a client at his business, a food trailer, and he treated me to a brace of beef tacos (which were excellent) and cup of champurrado caliente (also excellent, and something I hadn’t had before)—essentially, champurrado caliente is a thick, hot, Mexican chocolate drink made with masa harina (corn flour). It was really, really good. But be warned—when they say cliente, they mean it! This stuff is thick and hot and I almost burned my throat at first. So I spent some time on the relatively chilly corner, counseling my client and (carefully) trying something new.

Then I rode to the courthouse, locked up my bike and exchanged pleasantries with the hotdog-cart guy on the corner (he agreed to keep an eye on my bike while I went in), and looked over the file for another case I’m working on. The marshal at the entrance was pleasant, believing me when I told him I was an attorney even though I was in decidedly not attorney uniform (for the record: jeans, fluorescent jacket, bike shoes, helmet…you know).  The clerk needed a little more assurance, but no problem.

I got the file I needed, scanned the pages I needed, and then rode home. Around an 8-mile trip, all in all. Not far, but fun. I rode some new roads, saw some new places, ate some new food, helped (hopefully!) my client, and I had a pleasant exchange with the hotdog vendor.

Work, new food, new people, everyone being nice.

A good day.


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