I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

I have spent much of the past few months kind of busy.  I am working with an attorney with an office only 15 miles away, but I have to visit courts all over the State.  Kind of fun, but cycling-impractical, especially when I need to transport clients.

This had meant–until last week–that I was largely off the bike.  Not only did I have little opportunity to ride, but the last time I rode, I had flatted, and it had been raining, so the bike sat in the basement for a while, unloved.

I gained weight.  I had trouble sleeping.  I was not happy.

So I fixed the tire, got the bike (and me) back on the road and began to enjoy life again.  Last Thursday, I attended a kickoff for one of the “big” charity rides around here.  I rode to the kickoff, natch.

Then it snowed.  And it snowed some more.  And more.

And now, bereft of my old snow-capable cycling machine…

SnowBike 620-2


(see?  this is what happens when you get down to one bike!), I am once again preparing to do the Tour Debasement.

Some of you may feel the same way.  This is for your enlightenment:

I have both a trainer and rollers.  Soon, I won’t have that trainer anymore.  Riding on rollers may be like riding downhill on a 16″-wide greased sheet of glass along the face of a 2,000-foot drop, but it’s not boring.

That is all…

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