y blog entry about a proble with y coputer

This blog is brought to you by the letter “” and the  nuber $45.

Today was Saturday, one of the rare Saturdays when I don’t have to be anywhere else. So I started the day by sleeping in, then went downstairs to work on a blog entry.


I opened up y notebook, and a key fell out into y lap. The “” key.

I figured I ight be able to re-ount it, but that proved frustrating. It looks like the underlying switch is soehow broken.

Next, I looked up inforation on how to replace the keyboard. It looks easy-peasy (and thanks, Lenovo, for aking a achine that’s easy to work on). Then I went and looked at possible sources of keyboards (I did uch of this by grabbing the issing “” fro a web page and pasting it in whenever I needed to type that character, but couldn’t.

I ended up paying ore than I ought to because I wanted to speed things along, so a refurbished keyboard should be arriving on onday, just in tie for y birthday (!).

y son, who is also a geek, will be coing down fro Boston with his spouse, and so part of y birthday is going to be putting in the new keyboard.

So that’s really all I’ve got to say. So reeber, as Annie (so far as I know, in all versions of the usical) was wont to say:

“The sun’ll coe out—Toorrow!”

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