Talking to Craig

I remember the first time I held one.  It was plastic, dark green and silver, a little on the large side for my hand, but at the push of a button it connected me to my brother through the air.  We could sort of speak and sort of hear each other.  Granted, the range was maybe 30 feet or so, and the sound quality was terrible, but it was hard to beat that first pair of walky-talkies.

Talky(The ones I remember were something like this, but larger, and didn’t have the cool code key.)

You may remember something like this.  I’m not talking about the FM kind with the short rubber antenna and lighted LCD dial that fit in the palm of your hand–those were much later.  These were real Citizens Band toys, with long chrome antennae that could put someone’s eye out and, under the right set of circumstances, could bounce of the ionosphere to all parts of the globe.

I was reflecting on this earlier today because I was browsing eBay, looking for an item that I had years ago.  Surprisingly, I found almost exactly what I was looking for–and then paused.

The old was good.  Those walky-talkies, while they lasted, burned through a lot of 9v “transistor” batteries.  They were cool.  But today I have a much smaller device that fits into my pocket, handles voice/video calls and email and texting and…it’s even connecting me to this massive computer network so that I can write this blog entry.

It’s nice to hold onto the past.  But the future is pretty cool, too.

So long Craig.  Over.

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