That’s Better

OK, things are a lot more Christmassy now.

On Friday, we had a party with lots of people and lots of food and lots of small children who like to run around (those are the best kinds of Christmas parties). Many of us had been unable to get into the holiday spirit, but sticking us all in one place seemed to help a lot. We sang with piano (T) and guitar (me) and had a great time!

Saturday morning, I went to Loaves & Fishes and we got grocery bags out to 330 families. We were short-handed, but things went really well. One woman brought a bag of candy canes, which were greatly appreciated.

Oh, and in an internet promotion run by (gag!) WalMart, Loaves & Fishes won (by 34 votes) a $20,000 walk-in freezer/refrigerator. That means we’ll be better able to get quality food to our clients. That’s a very, very, very good thing.

Then I headed over to church where they were putting on a brunch/Christmas pageant—only it wasn’t just a Christmas pageant. It was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, adapted for a cast of a little over a dozen. It’s my favorite Christmas pageant and a guilty pleasure. If you haven’t read it, please do. It’s silly, sentimental, over the top, after-school special-ish, and it’s great.

And late yesterday afternoon, we went out and bought a Christmas tree. Finally. OK, it’s a tree-in-a-box, which is not always to my taste, but T prefers them (she doesn’t like killing trees) so now our house is beginning to look festive.

An hour ago, I took care of something small on my car (ugh) I’ve been meaning to take care of for months, and it worked the first time.  TLDR:  The Y2K Bug has a tiny battery.  If you leave the lights on it dies.  I leave the lights on.  Installed a buzzer so I can’t do that as easily anymore.  Less than $5, less than 5 minutes.

Tonight, our son, I, who is in the Army, will be home. We’re looking forward to it.

So, wow.

Now, if I can just finish grading all those papers!

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