A Couple of Prideful Little Things

A couple of things I’m pretty chuffed about this week–

First, I fixed a bathtub leak.  Well, not exactly the tub.  For the past year, there’s been a little leakage coming down from the bathroom into the kitchen ceiling anytime anyone takes a shower of more than a moment’s duration.  A plumber came out and charged us $300 to cut holes in two walls and tell us nothing was leaking.  He thought the problem must be water slopping out past the curtain.


T was convinced there was a problem with the seal between the tub and the tile around it that was letting water through.  Even had the plumber “seal” it (OK, this was included in the $300).  Still leaked.

Then I noticed something.  Our tub is some kind of fiberglass, which means it’s light, and it’s well-supported beneath by wooden beams.  I suspected that when it was full of water or a person, it was moving–just a little–enough to cause problems.

So one day I climbed into the shower with my clothes and glasses on and looked, and noticed that, in fact, I could see small gaps form in the grout when my weight was in the tub.  They disappeared when I got out.

Last weekend, I bought some fast-setting grout and a large storage tub of the type used for spare junk in workshops.  I put the latter into the bathtub and filled it with water and, sure enough, the gaps appeared.  I applied new grout and let the weighted tub sit overnight.

In the morning, I dumped the water out of the storage tub (yay!  I have another place to keep bike junk!) and had a shower.  No leaks.

So that was good.


This morning I had to drive, since I have to pick up my son after work.  Just for the heck of it, I checked the George-the-alleged-car’s log book.  Since March, I’ve averaged less than one gas station stop per month.  Not too bad–I’m sure I could do better (and have done) but it’s satisfying to know that the alleged car is not contributing too much to climate change.

That is all.

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