Longer term with the Velogical Rim Dynamo

After I reviewed the Velogical Rim Dynamo, among others, I thought I would go back to my Shimano dynohub for future night riding.  However, one thing lead to another and I decided to give the Velogical unit a longer trial.

I’m liking it.

I made some of the changes that Velogical Engineering suggested, and, while they don’t seem to make a huge difference, things are working pretty well.

Decoupling the dynamo from the wheel has allowed me to mess around with different rims (and different tires), and that’s enjoyable.  And the Velogical has provided me plenty of light for some otherwise “scary” roads, e.g., the entirely unlit, tree-enclosed Farnam Drive, as it rises from Orange Street up toward East Rock Park in New Haven:

FarnamSo, perhaps a reconsideration of the Velogical.  It’s worthy of your consideration if you like the wheels you already have, or like the ability to change wheels without losing your lights.  And those are not insignificant factors.

Submitted for your consideration.

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2 Responses to Longer term with the Velogical Rim Dynamo

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Wa year plus later, are you using the Velogical rim Dynamo as your primary?

    • No, though not for any reason related to the Velogical.

      In early 2015 I got a killer deal on a used wheelset with wider rims (H Plus Son Archetypes, which I had wanted to try) built with a Shimano dynohub. Had that set not been available, I would have continued using the Velogical. Mounting it to the rear required a slightly different wiring harness than I was used to, but I think I could have cleaned that up acceptably.

      Alas, I was entrapped by the lure of the shiny new rims…

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