Do Not Need , Do Not Want (a law school is so over joint)

A brief break from The Shocking Truth…

You’d hardly think it to look at me or my lifestyle, but I am genuinely trying to cut back on crap (seeCrap).

One of the ways I’ve decided to do this is to try to limit my “impulse” purchases, which tend to make up the bulk of my expenditures.  This is easier to do with in-person than with on-line purchases, for reasons that I will discuss briefly below. 

These days, I try only to be in a store when I need something.  That’s not rare–I may need a particular kind of bolt for a project I’m working on, for example, or a plastic box, or a tie (though gods know I have enough of those!).  When I’m in a store, all kinds of things present themselves.  Ideas emerge.

So I’ve started to think hard in terms of needing things.  And if I cannot find a present need for the object in my hand, I tell  myself that I do not want it.

Does it work?  Well, yeah.  If it’s something I can hold in my hand, I can do a pretty good evaluation.  Do I need it now?  Do I even have a place to put it, whatever it is?  If I do not need, the only justification for buying is because I want, and I have decided (in advance) not to want. 

It’s a lot harder with online purchases because they lack both the tactile feel of things and because the transaction itself is bloodless.  I don’t need to even hand over a card.  Heck, I can do “one click” ordering on Amazon.

I suppose one of the reasons I’m doing The Shocking Truth review is to somehow justify in my mind the money I’ve spent on various dynamos. 

Sad, really.

But I’m getting better.  Honest.  You’d be amazed at what I didn’t buy this week.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blargh..

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