They Often Call Me Speedo/Leaving the Bike Lane

Now, they often call me Speedo
But my real name is Mr. Earl

–Ry Cooder, on Bop Til You Drop, song originally by The Cadillacs



This morning I varied my routine a little.  I’m going to be teaching a class this fall at a local university, so I decided to take some time and visit the library and the general area.  I zoomed around town at a furious 48 MPH!

Well, no.  I was at a stoplight when I looked at my computer and saw the max speed reading, and then I noticed that I was still going around 48 MPH ad the signal light on my computer was blinking rather rapidly.  I’m guessing that I was stopped with the magnet sitting just on (or just off) the sensor, and the result was a series of high-speed signals to the computer.  Who knows?  But I sure looked fast.


Also this morning–this school has some very nice bike lanes along the roads on its campus.  Unfortunately, like bike lanes in many places (and alas, especially like bike lanes near universities and colleges generally) this one was liberally supplied with broken glass.

So I didn’t use it.

Here’s my shout-out to transportation planners everywhere:  Cyclists will use bike lanes if they don’t cause problems.  This lane was less a solution to traffic issues than a guarantee of flat tires.  Many of the lanes in New Haven put riders in the Door Zone.  Those are problems.

Oh, and a related shout-out to environmental planners in the Connecticut Legislature:  Thanks so much for putting a return fee on bottles.  I’ve been in states with, and states without, and Connecticut has much less glass on its roads because it has a bottle law.  But if you want to make it work a lot better, make it a lot more than five cents.  Make it a quarter.  Because $.05 isn’t that much anymore, and I’ve seen an increase in road glass over the past five years in the state.

Meanwhile, thanks for all the views, and stick around for more electrifying dynamo information–coming soon!

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