Wasted Years!


Looking back just now, I see that tomorrow will mark six years since I started this blog.  It’s been restarted a couple of times, like a heart that’s gotten tired and decided to lay down beside the road, but it seems to be keeping up a steady, if irregular, beat these days.  So, tomorrow, on my account, have a beer.

It can be light, root, birch, apple, stout, whatever. 

A small celebration.  When I started this blog, I was a software engineer.  Now I’m a lawyer/mediator/part-time geek.  Whoooo.

In other news, I think I’m finally getting over this combination of cold and hay fever/allergy I’ve had for the past week.  T is of course now in the “intro” phase of the same plague.  But we shall survive.

I have a whole bunch of new and interesting things to talk about, both here and on the blog over at riverbridgeresolutions.com.  But it’s likely to be a day or two before any of them get squoze out.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the beer!

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