It All Depends

So I woke up with a very high blood sugar this morning.

OK, background.  I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic (insulin injection dependent) for more than 40 years.  And I still do stupid things from time to time.  Last night I made brownies, and my blood glucose before bed was 429 mg/dl.  This morning, it’s down to 300 and a little extra insulin (something I hesitate to take before bed) will have it down to 100-150 (my target zone) in a jiffy.

Funny thing is, I feel a lot worse this morning than I did last night.  Sometimes, things don’t hit you fully.  When you’re exhausted, a blood sugar of 400+ doesn’t feel that weird.  You’re just exhausted.  But when you wake up, you should be bright and ready to go, so a high blood sugar is much more, um, noticeable!

The rest of life is like that, too.  When you don’t a contrast, things appear normal, like the high blood sugar does when you’re tired.  This is a picture that’s been going around (stolen from the Facebook page of The Other 98%, with whom I find that I often [though not always] agree):

So here I am, a nice progressive person, going along doing my nice progressive things, and someone goes and holds up a damned mirror to my face.

I’m not saying I’m as bad as all that (Oh, No!  Of course not!)  but on honest reflection, I do find myself making assumptions about people in other groups.  They may not be as blatant as the ones depicted here, but I’m sure they’re every bit as much a slap in the face to other people.

Of course I’m not racially biased.  I had good liberal parents and a good liberal upbringing.  I’ve thought about these things.

But am I colorblind?  Absolutely not.  But I should be!

This is by no means the only area in which a contrast can teach me (hopefully I’m not the only one, so “us”) something.  So we should probably be looking around for the contrasts that confound our built-in biases, however “true” those biases seem to be.

Just a thought from a morning with high blood sugar…


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