Lights, Camera…

When we moved into our new house at the end of January last year, we faced a problem.

We have books.

We wanted bookcases, but we had a very tight budget.  We wanted wooden bookcases.  But we had a very tight budget.  We ended up getting three of these, on sale, IIRC, from Ikea:

Hemnes Bookcase

I spent a long evening assembling these (only one big mistake, since fixed).  They looked good in our living room, which we decided was going to be a big contrast from the one in the last house we owned.  That was a nice room, full of light.  We decided this one would  be comparatively dark and quiet, centered around the fireplace.  Like so:

Living RoomYeah, it’s all really Ikea stuff (except for the fireplace and the piano).  Anyway, the big, dark bookcases fit in really well.  But there’s something about dark places at night…they need a little illumination.  So on another trip to Ikea, I bought these:

Inreda Light

These being three Ikea “INREDA” LED lamps.  The bracket (bottom) holds the tube full o’ LEDs out over the front of whatever it is you want to illuminate.  The little box is a power supply for the LEDs, and one thing they don’t tell you is that you need to buy a special line cord in addition to the light or you can’t hook the thing up.

It took me a couple of months to get the cords.

So last night, I dragged the box of three INREDAs out of the basement, found the cords, and  I mounted one of these one top of each set of shelves.  They’re really very nice.  The cords have in-line switches, which I’ve mounted on the side, toward the back, of each case, and the light spill is about perfect.  Since they use so little power (and generate virtually no heat) they should be perfect nightlights, and there’s almost enough light to read by on the couch.

I should’ve done this a long time ago.  That’s really all this particular entry is about!


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