“That’s the way dogs die.”

Today, I was heading back from my lunch ride when I came to an intersection.  A car approaching the intersection with right of way stopped, waiting for me to cross, but was immediately honked at by other drivers.  I waved the car on and it went.  The same thing happened a couple of times more, the squeal of brakes and the sound of horns.  Finally, as I managed to cross, a somewhat aggressive driver in a convertible who scrambled through the light after–as far as I could see– it had changed yelled at me “That’s the way dogs die!”

And I realized that he was right.

Having the right of way never protects you against a mass of steel, glass, and testosterone (or, for that matter, against steel, glass, and a cell phone). 

Be careful out there, be you cyclist, pedestrian, or driver.  Set an example, even if it leaves you feeling taken advantage of.  And, when possible, hold other yourself and other walkers/cyclists/drivers to the legal standard:  do not let a driver wave you through when it’s not your turn.  Stop at stop signs.

And watch out for traffic that doesn’t follow the rules.  Like dogs, we are far, far smaller and more fragile than the dinosaurs that roam the streets.  Someday we will overcome–let’s make sure we don’t die like dogs before that day comes.


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