Let’s see.  Moved into the new house a couple of weeks ago and it’s lovely.  I’ve gotten to see a lot of it, lately, because since Friday, I haven’t been able to go anywhere else.

In case you’ve been somewhere else, the East Coast got hit with rather a lot of snow.  I happen to live in the community that got the most–Hamden, Connecticut. 

We’ve dug out the cars, but that doesn’t really matter, since as of Sunday evening, the road is still under 2-3 feet of snow.  And there’s nowhere to put it.  Supposedly, front-end loaders and dump trucks are on the way, but we haven’t seen them yet.  The back deck of the house was loaded with 3′ of snow yesterday morning, and we had to get that off before it broke.  Today, we tried to clear a back roof that projects off the house that was heavily laden with snow.

Because tonight we’re expecting rain and freezing rain, and rain will just soak into the snow and make it significantly heavier.  By clearing the roof as much as we could, we sought to limit the sponge effect.  We’ll see.

After we dug out yesterday (a trench runs from the back door/deck to the garage, and then from the garage forward to the side of the house where the cars are parked), I spent some time installing this, that, and the other that my spouse wanted put up.  And we had a fire in the fireplace, which was nice. 

But it’s hard to believe that the place we moved into that looked like this on January 25th:


Now looks more like this:


On the other hand, there are some advantages.  We had new appliances scheduled for delivery on Friday afternoon.  Instead, I got a call at 9:00 and they were delivered by 9:30.  The delivery guys didn’t want to get stuck in the storm either.

So.  Maybe I’ll go to work tomorrow.  Maybe I won’t.  I have the unfortunate ability to work from home if need be.  Now it’s all up to the Town of Hamden.  My personal take?  No need to be in a rush, guys.

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