The Post Christmas Blahs

OK, one more word about Christmas, and it’s a good one.  Look here and read the story that goes with the picture.


OK.  Today I’m feeling a little down.  Not sure it’s down so much as it’s just blah.  Christmas is over, there’s a major project that has to get done by Friday, and I have to study for the bar exam (at the end of February.  Again).

But it’s more than that.  I’ve decided that after law school, I really don’t want to be a lawyer (but you know this if you’ve read this blog).  But it’s more than that; I’m deciding that, as much as I like the people I work with right now, there’s something about at least certain aspects of the practice of law, and particular of litigation-related law, that just rubs me the wrong way.

Trying to get people served with process (i.e., notified that they are being sued) on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve?  It seems to me that, no matter how bad (from your client’s perspective) what the party might have done is, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that kind of action.  It’s just vengeful, and it doesn’t materially speed things up, or make the other party more amenable to settling with you.  It’s nastiness for the sake of nastiness.

As an attorney, you can’t tell your client not to do this.  Attorneys are, literally, at the beck and call of their clients.  You could advise a client that this might not be a good idea, but you can’t refuse to do it if the client wants it done.  Not unless you want to risk (a) losing a client or (b) being grieved for malpractice.

That kind of behavior in litigation drives a wedge between parties (and sometimes, as I’ve had an opportunity to observe, attorneys).

Don’t get the wrong idea.  We do a lot of good stuff, too, protecting peoples’ rights, suing for the right reasons and in the right ways.  A lot of good.  But for me, the occasional “bad bits” like the service issue above are weighing on my soul.

So.  My goal is not to be in the same place a year from now that I am today. 

I’m giving myself a year, but I’d prefer it to be six months.  I really want to get my mediation practice going.  I want to be able to smile at my face in the mirror and know that I’m working to bring parties together, not drive them apart.

Any helpful suggestions?


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2 Responses to The Post Christmas Blahs

  1. Chuck Davis says:

    Where are you taking the bar?
    You could open a bike shoppe if it gets too boring, (Retired on this end with 35+ in)

    • Chuck: Here in CT. But I can’t possibly open a shop here that would compete with the nearby Devil’s Gear. Someday when I’m retired, I’d like to open one right on one of the Wisconsin trails. My spouse would have a pie shop, and I’d repair flats for tourists. We’d sit in rocking chairs all day when not doing that…yeah, right. 🙂

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