“Pardon me.” (attributed to Richard Milhouse Nixon).

OK.  I’ve been a little lax.  Three huge events have swept Connecticut in the past week or so:  Hurricane Sandy, The Nor’easter, and the 2012 election.  On that last topic, I have many things to say but I’m not going to say any of them.  I’m pleased with the outcome, but in case you’re not, let me just link you over to someone who makes an excellent point.

As for Sandy, we didn’t get badly hit where I live (we didn’t lose power and only lost internet for 24 hours.  Horrors!).  But I’ve spent a few days helping to clean up some of the mess along Connecticut’s coast:


That is (or was) Milford.  Amazing what Mother Nature can do when she’s pissed.  The folks in yellow vests, by the way, are Mormon Helping Hands.  Complain all you like about churches (and I do) but when it comes to getting something done, churches (and voluntary associations of any sort) are pretty impressive.

Then yesterday, the city I live in took 10″ of heavy, wet snow and high winds.  The Nor’easter.  It took a while to dig out this morning.  I’m fortunate that I can walk to work…there was no way I was going to ride, and I felt bad for the people who had to dig out their cars, drive in the mess, and then find a place to park at the other end.  At some point, I’m going to write a post on keeping your transportation alternatives open, but that’s not today, and not the next post.  We’ll see.

So pardon me for being a little late…I’m enjoying a break from the election, and I have been working (slowly) on a real post.  But for now, go outside and play in the snow.

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