Monday, Monday

Basement of the law library. Early. Phoneposting.

I’m starting to get concerned about the lack of snow (I’m in Connecticut). I don’t know whether or not it’s related to global climate change–this might just be random chance–but it is going to be one tinder-dry summer if we don’t get some precipitation soon.

That wouldn’t be a personal inconvenience to me, save I like showers. And eating and drinking. Low water levels would make all of those things more expensive at a minimum. One thing by never-completed dissertation taught me was to appreciate the importance of agriculture. And water is crucial for that.

I could also see significant fire danger on this coast, similar to what we’ve seen in CA. But here, the trees that would be drying out aren’t just in mass forests (though we have those) but in front yards, back yards, side yards. All over and consequently at greater risk of inadvertent ignition and of significant consequence for neighboring structures should ignition occur.

I don’t especially enjoy shoveling snow, and last year was a backbreaker in that regard, but I wouldn’t mind a few feet coming down!

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