Nothing’s Perfect

But some things are close, and this is one of them.

This is a Mont Blanc fountain pen, model 144. My wife bought it at Flax in Chicago and gave it to me as an engagement present in early 1986. It has been broken three or four times, and repaired each time, sometimes getting improvements in the process.

The nib is an extra-fine, it has a converter, and is almost always filled with black ink. This pen is old enough that the clip band testifies that it was made in “W GERMANY.”

I have carried and used this pen for more than 25 years, from grad school to software engineering to law. Nothing writes better, and when you think of the sheer number of pens that this has saved me from throwing out, it is also a winner in the economic and environmental races. I like it a lot.

Thanks, Tess!

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One Response to Nothing’s Perfect

  1. frosty says:

    By the way, anything I say about perfection has everything to do with THINGS and nothing to do with PEOPLE. Things are for using–people are not. Just to make that clear. Another way you can take this is what Chrissy Hind said: “Nobody’s perfect/not even a perfect stranger.”

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