Geek Alert! NoDo your WP7!

Yes, I am a geek.  Actually, I am an ex-geek, but that doesn’t stop me from geeking out over small things.  A couple of weeks ago I could really have used cut-and-paste on my Windows phone.  As of today, I finally have cut and paste on my Windows phone, thanks to the NoDo update.  Turns out just about anyone can, now.  Look here.  I was able to install the upgrade on my LG Quantum and it seems to work fine.  Note that you can’t copy everything…for instance, I was unable to grab stuff from News Hub.  But I was able to copy stuff from the Web, Office documents, and a few other things.  We’ll see how useful it is in the future.

We now stop this geeking out and return to our regularly scheduled law school panic.




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