And we’re on break!

Spring break, that is.  It’s actually looking nice enough here that I don’t mind not being 25 and heading for warmer or more exotic spots.

Besides, I have a paper to write this week!

The reality of graduating is just starting to sink in, but so are the realities of age and debt.  Age, in that I’m really and truly a grandfather in a few days when my granddaughter will be a year old, and

that I’ll be 53 on the 23rd (I remember when it was 23 on the 23rd–which is, I suppose, better in its way than not remembering).

Age also in the sense that my 16-year-old (to be 17 this summer) wants to start college a year early.  I think he can do well; he has a drive that many (most?) do not have; a level of self-control (usually) that can border on the scary.  Of course, like any teenager his temper can get the better of him, and he can lean toward the sarcastic just a little bit.

Debt, in that I will soon be out of law school without a job and something like $100K in debt.

Oh well.  I can always relax in the knowledge that the earthquake was in Japan, not on the East Coast of the United States, and that I have a new cell phone.  Whoo-hoo.

Seriously, the folks in Japan are in a world of hurt.  The question is, what can we do–or more correctly, what can I do–to help?

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